Thursday, 1 January 2009

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Owen – December 2008

Coming soon.... Still waiting :P Oh wait, where's all the food gone?

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Charlotte – October 2008

One day this will all make sense, until that day we were sent Houdini, an engineer with ample skill in the art of disappearing. The earth trembled with glee when our powers combined to create a none male engineering team.

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Becky – May 2008

Paper, paper, we’re surrounded by paper. We need a paper monster, sort of like the cookie monster but one who enjoys filing and being organized. *CLAP OF THUNDER – FLASH OF LIGHTNING.. etc. Becky stood before us, calendar in hand, phone taped to her ear like something from a bad 70’s film. We rejoiced for many a day, mostly because the quality of the food improved so much over night!

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Ryan – January 2008

Hypercondriac, Hypermobile, Hypersloth-like, Hyper Ryan is “Hyperious”. A provider of hyperization for the galaxy of Primary Schools. His destiny is to keep our customers hyperhappy. If you are not happy, read the small print. You will like Ryan and you will be happy.

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Lee – January 2008

Consider hancock without the superpowers. Don’t know who hancock is? I pity the fool. Lee was sent to us from jafar with dreams of installing white boards and a strange fetish for cables....

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Steve – January 2008

With a clap of thunder and a power chord sent bellowing straight from the depths of diablos stomach, Steve was sent to us. There is no stopping such incredible riff ripping force, buttons will be bashed in glee as Steve is sent out to help Bradford schools save their base (which incidentally don’t belong to us)

New Hero joins Primary Technology – Vinny – January 2007

Banana, Beer? Banana Beer, thats like eating, strawberry shrimps. I couldn’t agree more. On that note a hero was born. I like strawberry shrimps. Vinny is our gentle giant.